UNICORN HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MARRY CHRISTMAS TREE IDEAS. Christmas month has now arrived and the commencement has started and on the off chance that you are as yet searching for some straightforward and fun Christmas trimming thoughts for this season, we have a great deal to impart to you.



In the event that you are as yet arranging your vacation enhancements and you are innovative and searching for sprucing up the Christmas tree at that point use DIY unicorn tree thoughts.

With regards to individuals who observe Christmas eagerly, you are certain to discover 2 sorts of individuals:


1) Those who favor customarily beautified trees.

2) Those who thoroughly consider of the container.

What’s more, on the off chance that you have a place with the second classification Christmas celebrator, transform your Christmas tree into the most slanting Christmas style thought which nowadays are a UNICORN.

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You can acquire a few sparkles and rainbow to the happy season by making one or few of these DIY unicorn thoughts for your tree and decorations relying upon the measure of time you have in your grasp.

The merry season is tied in with filling supernatural soul and these vivid thoughts from the specialists will add an exceptional touch to your bubbly stylistic layout. Additionally, it will be cherished and increased in value by the children in the house and Guests who visit.

You can likewise incorporate your children in making these thoughts a reality since we realize that a child adores both designing a Christmas tree and Unicorn also. It is an ideal plan to actualize with your children.

Sparkle decorations for your tree are basic and simple to make and they add a brilliant shimmer to your tree.

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When it is tied in with securing a unicorn tree topper, two things are there which you can do as both the choices are satisfactory:

  • Make it yourself.
  • Get it made by somebody for you.
  • In the event that you are driven and have time, don’t hesitate to simply ahead and make a whole unicorn tree for yourself.

For those individuals who are sitting inert pondering that they are creating calamities, even those individuals can make the simple DIY unicorn themed makes as tree topper.

Making a DIY unicorn christmas tree is the ideal alternative for the unicorn sweetheart in the family. The simple thoughts will enable you to make it an ideal gifting choice as well.

Here are a few alternatives you can experiment with from:

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Unicorn Christmas Tree:

Planning a themed Christmas tree is something or other which is inclining nowadays and unicorn is the most recent pattern in enhancement. The word unicorn is the main word hearing which everybody gets energized and with regards to design of a Christmas tree, nothing can beat the mix of rainbow tulle skirt and it is absolutely enchanted.

To make this Unicorn themed tree, you will require:

  • White Glitter Felt.
  • Mint Felt.
  • Weaving Floss.
  • Yarn in various Colors.
  • Sharpie.
  • Paste Gun.
  • Cotton Stuffing.
  • Knit Hook.
  • Strong Color Ball Ornaments both substantial and little.
  • Heat Clay.
  • Paste.
  • Gleam Paint.
  • Sparkle Glue.

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Cut out 2 head shapes and ears.

Cut a horn and base piece. Utilizing paste, move until the point that a cone is framed and stick it along the best and the edge. Fill the stuffing and paste the base of the felt set up. At the cone’s tip, stick one end of a weaving floss and fold cuddle over the cone. When it is done, stick the base.

Around your hand, wrap the yarn a few times and after that slide a short bit of yarn through the layers and bunch at the best and afterward cut the closures. With the assistance of another short bit of yarn, wrap and bunch to make a decoration.

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Paste the 2 head pieces along the edges and after that stick the tufts when you get to the back of the head between each felt piece to make the unicorn mane.

Leaving the base disturbed, stick the ears together. When it is finished. Fill the stuffing and paste the base. Paste set up on either side of the head at that point stick the horn.

Draw an eye, nostril and mouth on each side of the head utilizing a sharpie.

Fill in the head zone with stuffing and enhance it over your Christmas tree.

To make the adornment, squirt the sparkle stick along the best and one side of each trimming.

Roll an earth piece fit as a fiddle and cut little triangles for ears.

Roll the dirt fit as a fiddle and cut about ¾ inches and after that move one end to the decrease. Cut the horn detail with a blade.

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Utilizing a heating sheet, prepare the mud.

Paint horns and ears for an additional glitz with shine paint.

Utilizing a sharpie; draw the eyes and nose dabs.

Place the horn and ear over the decoration on the mane with gorilla stick.

Balance it on your Christmas tree.

To make a decoration wreath, take 5 shades of yarn and fold it over your hand a few times.

Under the wrapped strands, slide a short piece and bunch at the best.

Cut finishes and wrap another short piece towards the best and bunch.

String the decorations on a long yarn piece utilizing a sew snare and make the same number of tufts as you have to fold over the tree.

At last, balance it up all on the tree.

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Unicorn Tree Topper:

Your Christmas tree is adorned yet the topper is forgotten and you are considering accomplishing something interesting with it at that point go for this tree topper which will improve the magnificence of your tree and inspire your visitors. You can incorporate little hands if there are in your home.

For actualizing this thought, you will require:

  • Felt (White, Black).
  • Lace (blue, Pink, Yellow).
  • Sparkle Craft Foam.
  • Needle.
  • String.
  • Metallic String.
  • Paper Towel Roll.
  • Heated glue.


From two layers of felt, cut a unicorn’s head.

For the strips to experience, cut little openings where the mane will be.

Utilizing a string, sew the segments of lace through the gaps and attach them to anchor it set up.

Join a cover around whatever remains of the unicorn head, with a needle and string and leave a gap at the base.

From a dark got a handle on, cut an eye and paste it.

From a sparkle make froth, cut two cone shapes, making one marginally bigger and heated glue them at the edges and fold the metallic string over the unicorn’s horn and craft glue it.

Paste the horn to the head.

To the base of unicorn’s head, embed a paper towel roll and sew vast join along the base and assemble the looked about the roll.

In conclusion, stick the felt to the base of unicorn’s head.

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Glittery Cone Tree:

Consider unicorns, think sparkles and pastel hues. You can enhance your cone Christmas tree in the event that you have and if not, make one and enrich it with unicorn’s horn shape to finish everything. In the event that you don’t have any of these, make a cone tree from a glittery piece book paper.

While adorning a christmas tree, begin off with the lace and afterward bigger trimmings and finally the little decorations. Utilize vast glittery gold and white bows from strips for the unicorn tree by spreading it equally and afterward include some iced false greenery branches for additional radiance.

When finished with this, beautify the tree with your bigger trimmings. You can utilize some metallic geometric trimmings with some pink shaded ones.

Utilize littler decorations in pastel hues to fill whatever is left of your tree.

TIP: Get some lavender shaded adornments for little decoration alternatives. On the off chance that you don’t have any, dunk some old adornments right in chalk style paint and abandon them to dry. When dried, balance it to your Christmas tree.

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Glittery Glass Ornament:

Making your vacation adornment dependably conveys something extraordinary to season. The glass adornment make is the ideal method to expedite grins everybody’s countenances. It requires the utilization of craft glue thus it is suggested that grown-ups ought to do this part. Adhere to the directions and bring the unicorn cheer in the house.

For actualizing this, you will require the accompanying:

  • White Glittery Glass Ornament.
  • Scaled down Flowers in White and Pink.
  • Oil based Paint.
  • Fine or Extra Fine Tip Pen.
  • Broiler Baked White Clay.
  • Gold Spray Paint.
  • Paste and Hot Glue Gun.
  • Hot Pink Felt.
  • White Stiff Felt.
  • Gold Twine Ribbon.
  • White Cardstock.


From the dirt square, slice two little pieces to make the horn and roll the mud to make one end littler than the other. One end of the mud must be thicker than the other with the goal that when you move it together, the base of the horn gets thicker than the best.

Wind both the pieces together and continue turning until the point that they are near one another and somewhat fatter to resemble a unicorn horn. Remove the end when it is 4 cm long. You can make couple of more horns on the off chance that you need them to be painted. When done, place it in a broiler to heat. It is prescribed that grown-ups ought to do this part.

When the heating is done and cool, begin splash painting your horns in gold shading. When done, the horns are done.

To use for following, on a white card stock, draw an example of your eyes. Along these lines, the extent of both the eyes will be same. Cut the format and use it as a kind of perspective. Stick down the format utilizing a tape to the trimming and utilize the oil based pen to draw the eyes. Oil put together pen is progressively solid with respect to glass decorations.

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Tips for Eyes:

On the off chance that you squeeze it hard, it will get thick, so abstain from doing that.

Attract it every one of the one movement to abstain from making any spot.

In conclusion, draw swoop eyelashes free gave.

Work on the ear pieces by illustration a format again on a card stock and removing it to utilize it as a layout. To have both ear sizes same, draw a littler inside ear partition with pink felt and the bigger ear parcel with white felt. Use paste to stick it together.

Cut the base and paste the sides from the base of the cut together so the ears twist in. When done, stick the ears to the adornment behind where the horn is set.

To the highest point of your decoration, stick the horn.

Paste the blossoms utilizing a blend of white and pink on the sides. Keep in mind to cover the front of the horn/trimming topper with a center bloom.

By wrapping and tying around the best or sticking to the back of a decoration, include the gold twine.

What’s more, you are a great idea to go. Children in your home will begin to look all starry eyed at this stylistic theme thought and get this as a Christmas present.

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