Chinese Happy New Year 2019 Hashtags You Can Use on Social Media

Chinese Happy New Year 2019 Hashtags- Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for more than just Chinese restaurants to market themselves on Social Media. If your business has anything to do with Chinese culture, you can take advantage of this holiday. On top of that, if your brand or business is related to any of the animals associated to Chinese New Year, you can also hop on the bandwagon and get a little more exposure for your brand.
Those animals are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Before you get started on promoting your brand or business on Instagram for the holiday, copy the Chinese New Year hashtags below. They will help you market yourself on Social Media before and during the Chinese New Year…if you’re not too familiar on the holiday, keep reading after the listed tags. This will help you to figure out the best way you can associate your brand with the holiday.
Chinese Happy New Year 2019 Hashtags You Can Use on Social Media

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Chinese Happy New Year 2019 Hashtags

#ChineseNewYear #YearofRooster  #Cny2019 #HappyChineseNewYear #Leisee #Liondance #Familytime ##hkig #HongKong #Red #Lunarnewyear #Fireworks #Celebrate #Cold #Wishingtree #Lamtsuen #Chinatwon #Parade #Cny #Redpacket #Holidays #February #Happy #Warm #Vacation #Chineseculture

This occasion, otherwise called the “Spring Festival” (Chinese: 春节; pinyin: Chūn jié), is praised at the turn of the customary lunisolar Chinese date-book.

The festival begins on the night going before the primary day, and goes until the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the main date-book month.

The main day of Chinese New Year falls on the new moon (January 21 and February 20).

List of Chinese New Year’s Dates 2016 to 2030

Legend says that the Nian was an insidiousness being that would eat youngsters, that was until the point when the general population figured it might be a smart thought to escape this detestable animal. An old man went to the general population and before they sought refuge, he said he would remain and confront the monster. He stayed and crushed the monster with firecrackers and by covering the town in red papers. Turns out The Nian was exceptionally frightened of these and stayed away forever.

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Need a few ideas?

Combine Industry & Chinese New Years Hashtags

2016-02-08      Monkey         (2016-02-08—2017-01-27)
2017-01-28       Rooster          (2017-01-28—2018-02-15)
2018-02-16       Dog                 (2018-02-16—2019-02-04)
2019-02-05       Pig                  (2019-02-05—2020-01-24)
2020-01-25       Rat                  (2020-01-25—2021-02-11)
2021-02-12        Ox                   (2021-02-12—2022-01-31)
2022-02-01       Tiger               (2022-02-01—2023-01-21)
2023-01-22       Rabbit            (2023-01-22—2024-02-09)
2024-02-10       Dragon           (2024-02-10—2025-01-28)
2025-01-29       Snake              (2025-01-29—2026-02-16)
2026-02-17       Horse              (2026-02-17—2027-02-05)
2027-02-06      Sheep              (2027-02-06—2028-01-25)
2028-01-26       Monkey          (2028-01-26—2029-02-12)
2029-02-13       Rooster           (2029-02-13—2030-02-02)
2030-02-03      Dog                  (2030-02-03—2031-01-22)

Utilizing Chinese New Year hashtags will enable you to get more likes and remarks. When you incorporate an arrangement of industry hashtags, you’ll get likes and remarks from individuals who can change over. Take the precedent above from craftsman Endre Penovac. His composition is identified with Chinese New Year. He has utilized hashtags identified with the occasion to contact a wide gathering of people who might be occupied with this, yet this is a significantly harder deal than connecting with the individuals who are keen on and really perusing for the accompanying hashtags on Instagram: #artforsale #ink #watercolor #dynamic #aquarelle #endrepenovac #saatchi #art #gallery #artist #endre #penovac #chineseart.

Create a Special Product

German shoe mark Adidas made a unique release pack all decked out in red to commend the occasion. Pursue their lead by either making or advancing items that are red or gold or both for this occasion.

Mix Location and Chinese New Year Hashtags

On the off chance that you are a neighborhood business or specialist co-op (like an eatery or a beautician), try to incorporate area hashtags with your posts so you can contact a nearby group of onlookers. HKK utilizes #hkklondon and #london to contact individuals in their general vicinity.

This Cognac based spirit created a special edition package to celebrate the holiday.


Kicked up their engagement with this gorgeous video of the celebration.

Jamie Oliver

Gourmet expert Jamie Oliver made a post on his site displaying Chinese formulas that could be transformed into a snappy Chinese New Year Celebration.

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Account

Since you have your Chinese New Years Hashtags, you have to begin thinking technique. You can’t hope to post just amid occasions and for that to affect your business. With Instagram, it’s a steady calendar, commitment, and love that will get you where you should be. You can utilize an internet based life apparatus, for example, Socialdraft to plan your Instagram posts for various records. Socialdraft likewise has ability to give you a chance to allocate distinctive individuals to plan these Instagram presents and on distribute them when the time comes.

There is even an Instagram hashtag look. It raises the most recent bits of substance for that hashtag. From that point, you can like that substance, repost it to all your associated informal organizations (not simply Instagram, and you can connect with your locale.

On the off chance that you are interested about how Socialdraft can assist you with your Instagram showcasing, take us f . On the off chance that you have questions, open up a talk with one of our specialists.


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Chinese Happy New Year 2019 Hashtags You Can Use on Social Media
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Chinese Happy New Year 2019 Hashtags You Can Use on Social Media
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